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Enjoy Success with Beautiful Russian Women

Would you like to improve your chances of success with gorgeous Russian women?

Take all the hassle, stress and confusion away... and enjoy fun, passionate relationships just the way you want them to be.

If you have tried learning Russian already, you will know that traditional language courses will not help you talk about the topics that are important in relationships. And if you have been dating Russian women for some time, you will also know that the language barrier is incredibly frustrating. It is the number one problem in Russian dating.

Well, this course is different. This is the original Russian course for relationships, designed specifically for relationships with Russian women. It will help you succeed with Russian women.

Aim of This Course

The Russian Course for Men is designed specifically for anyone who is currently in a relationship with (or currently dating) a Russian woman, or anyone who wants to. It is for those of you who want to improve your conversations with Russian women, so that you can enjoy more of the fun, enjoyable times, and less of the confusing, stressful ones.

This course is designed to help you in the following ways...

bulletLearn how to talk about the topics that are important in relationships.

bulletSave you loads of time that it takes if you try to work out these topics on your own.

bulletAvoid embarrassing conversations with a language teacher or translator to help you with private and personal matters between you and your partner.

bulletGenuinely improve your relationship and have more fun together.

bulletPleasantly surprise your Russian partner. She will be thrilled if you are able to communicate in her native language too, not just in English.

bulletHave lots of fun putting this knowledge to use in your relationship.

What's in the course?

This course contains audio of approximately 800 Russian phrases, clearly spoken by a native Russian. In addition, there is a written guide that provides the words and phrases in English, Cyrillic (Russian) and phonetic translation to help with your pronunciation.

The course is laid out in a clear, logical format that follows the path of relationships from initial meetings through to serious relationships, marriage and beyond. You can also skip straight to the particular topics that are most important to you right now.

Below is a detailed summary of the course itself, as well as instructions on how to purchase and download this course. Please note, this is an mp3 audio course. There are no physical cds included. It is a download direct to your computer for access and listening on any computer, smartphone or mp3 player.

Here is a detailed look at the course...


Russian Course for Men - Section 1
1. Introduction
2. Pronunciation Guide
3. Greeting Someone for the First Time
4. Introducing Yourself
5. Asking Questions to Get to Know Her
6. Expressing Your Interest in Her
7. Getting Acquainted - Likes & Dislikes
8. Getting Acquainted - Hobbies
9. Getting Acquainted - Family & Friends
10. Intro to Telephone Conversations
11. Vocabulary Booster 1
12. Russian Dating Etiquette


Russian Course for Men - Section 2
1. Giving Compliments Part 1
2. Giving Compliments Part 2
3. Asking Her Opinion
4. Dating Scenario 1 - Cafe / Restaurant
5. Dating Scenario 2 - Cinema / Theatre
6. Scenario 3 - Dancing / Night Club
7. Scenario 4 - Nature
8. Scenario 5 - Road Trip / Going Away
9. Scenario 6 - Shopping
10. Scenario 7 - Going Out with Friends
11. Basic Love Phrases
12. Vocabulary Booster 2


Russian Course for Men - Section 3
1. Nicknames & Terms of Affection
2. Talking about Feelings & Emotions
3. Meeting Her Family
4. Conversations 1 - Daily Events
5. Conversations 2 - Relationship Issues
6. Conversations 3 - Major Life Events
7. Celebrating Important Occasions
8. Marriage Proposals & Acceptances
9. Children and Family
10. Advanced Love Phrases
11. Vocabulary Booster 3
12. Vocabulary Booster 4


Russian Course for Men - Bonus Section -
                Intimate Expressions
1. Intimate Expressions Part 1
2. Intimate Expressions Part 2
3. Intimate Expressions Part 3
4. Intimate Vocabulary 1
5. Intimate Vocabulary 2

* PLEASE NOTE - Intimate Expressions contains important words and phrases for intimate relationships between a man and a woman. This section does contain sexual references and is not suitable for minors.


Follow along with the written guide
This course also includes a written phrase guide (pdf file) that accompanies each of the audio tracks.

bulletEasy clear format, follow along while you listen to the audio.

bulletWritten in English and Russian, plus phonetic guide for correct pronunciation.

bulletLock the phrases into your long-term memory.

Download Your Copy Now

The Russian Course for Men comes in mp3 format, which means you can download the course direct to your computer just moments after your payment is processed. There are no physical cds to be sent. (If you don't have an mp3 player, we've provided links to free mp3 software for your computer in the technical instructions section below.)

The course contains:

bullet41 mp3 audio tracks. (Listen on your computer, smartphone or any mp3 player.)

bulletThe written guide in pdf format

bulletAll available for your instant download and immediate use

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